Version 4.0; 24.09.2019

Our purpose is to provide a communication platform for anthro artists, who enjoy drawing together with DrawPile. We use Discord to announce and organize upcoming DrawPile sessions. Our Discord has a seperate SFW and NSFW section, both come without fetish artwork. We also have our own DrawPile server, feel free to join us there and use it to host your own sessions (sportwar.goip.de).

  1. Everybody is allowed to announce their session on our Discord, as long as it does not conflict with the third rule.
  2. Use @here and @pinguser instead of @everybody when announcing your session.
  3. Do not create, post or link media with the following content: real life nudity, vore, underage, sexualised ferals (e.g. non anthro pokemons), footfetish, torture, hyper, diaper, piss, shit, herm, expansion, digesting, goo/melting, transformation, sexualised macro/micro, extreme penetration, incest, rape or futa. This list will be updated on demand!
  4. Be respectful. Always.
  5. Do not post or link illegal or harmful data of any kind.
  6. Do not post personal information of another user.
  7. Keep your posts relevant to the channels. Each channel has a brief description on our Discord.
  8. Do not spam. For example: Pictures, pings, advertisements, senseless messages, etc. .

Type !yes-i-accept in the #🐾public-lobby to become a Regular User.

Additionally, you can receive the Ping User role, type !drawpile in #🤖-bot-commands . Type !rm-drawpile to remove the role.

Thanks for reading – feel free to contact us now!